Love Of Wisdom

May 4, 2016 No post yesterday because we were celebrating! Yesterday, our Golden Egg was a student, last night she became a Doctor. It’s funny how we define this transition […]

Decide On A Path

May 2, 2016 The Writer’s Retreat rocked as Maggie Linton from Sirius XM discussed techniques and secrets to great interviews. Having a portfolio of interviews with best-selling authors, celebrities, scientists, […]

Appointed Time Keeper

April 26, 2016   I’ve been appointed Time Keeper. It sounds so cool I don’t even want to explain where, when, or how. So, I won’t. But, I did some […]

My Hellebore Survived

April 25, 2016 My Hellebore survived. I think I’m going to plant pink for next year. As hardy as they are I was still concerned because we had a really warm spell […]

April 22, 2016 – April 23, 2016 I wanted my post to carry through midnight between these days, a symbol of follow through and continued mindfulness through the rest of […]

A New Day with New Frontiers

April 22, 2016 My lemon tree seems to be holding her own after her prune and root trim. I still need to keep a close eye on her. She had […]

My New Writing Space

February 13, 2016 So, this is my new writing space. I am so excited. I found this desk at an antique shop. It was love at first sight – a […]