How Recycle Makes This Science Fiction Writer Laugh


December 31 – January 1, 2017

I said I would post the interactive table I built before I disassemble it. So, here it is. It’s a little in disarray from our game activity, but you get the picture. I prerecorded the directions that played through the system in my best british accent. We had to replay the first clue because everyone was laughing at my excellent language skills (grin).

My plan to recycle, reuse, and reduce with the disassembled parts is to make what I call electric step plates for one of my offices with four steps. See if you can figure out where I’m headed with each step.

So, the first step you take into the office will trigger a recording that says, “I don’t believe it.”

If you take the second step it will say, “That is why you fail.” At this point you will probably look down at your feet to figure out what is going on.

If you decide to take the third step you will hear

At which point you will either love it and continue in, shake your head with disbelief and abandon my office, or stare inquisitively at the next step still trying to figure it out.  Click below if you would take the fourth step.

The moral of the story: If you are in my office, you’ve taken three steps and the fourth is with you.

Hahahaha…I couldn’t resist and I may youtube it when I get them finished. We’ll see. Regardless, 2018 is here and I am excited. Today brought a peaceful, productive new year’s day. Superhero and I tackled a few projects that needed both of us. Tomorrow we step out into the pace of our 2018 year.  The things I want to continue include…


I discovered this year one of my hang-ups in writing is I fix the conflict too quick. The idea of seeing the best in people works good for life, but can really make a story go flat. I’m not sure how to adjust with my writing, but I’ll be working on it this year.

I hope everyone had a happy holiday and is ready to celebrate a new year.






  1. Haha, “the fourth is with you” love the idea and can’t wait to see the finished project. 🙂

    1. I couldn’t help myself, Sherry (grin). I hope I can get them done in between my real work. So glad you stopped by. It makes me smile.

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