Writing Is An Art


February 10, 2018

I’ve recently made a new writing friend which reminds me of the beautiful gift that is. Like a pillow on a bike, it doesn’t make the task easier, but it sure makes the ride more comfortable. One of the best moments is finding out someone you meet is a writer. Then you bring up an author and that person blurts out half the books he wrote – yeh  – that has a feeling. Speaking of books and authors I’ve seen some great deals recently.

Several authors have books on sale at Amazon: Kim Harrison, Emelle Gamble, and Margot Lee Shetterly. Yes, I know I already have them in hardback, paperback, electronic…but now I need them in audible, or need to share them with a friend, or want to encourage a young reader to fall in love with story. Whatever the reason, here are a few great deals. Writing is an art; words do not form meaningful stories any easier than paint becomes picture on a canvas. So, if I see good deals on great books it’s worth the investment of time to share.




Also, Margot Lee Shetterly is teaching at the Aspen Summer words workshop. You can check her facebook for more details or visit Aspen Summer words.







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