Using My Time Wisely While I Wait


August 29, 2017

Hurry up and wait. That’s a saying we’ve all heard more than once probably, but it’s true for me now. I have several projects going so I feel like I’m hurrying all day, but with each of them I’ve hit a holding pattern. It’s like being frozen when you play freeze tag. Everything inside of you is excited and ready to run, but you have to wait for someone to come unfreeze you.

I finally purchased a wick for my oil lamp and I’m pleased. I had to shorten the wick because the first episode was a little intense, but that fits. I think that’s how I do everything—over the top—then reel it in.

So, while I wait I’m planning. Project-N took a major step, which is great, but put me in a new pattern of moving pieces.  Tonight when I finish here I will outline a plan to tackle it all. My day job is in a transition which makes a new schedule that’s good and bad. And, my writing, phew…I can’t describe how much I enjoy it. I have to say it is one of the milestones in my life. It’s difficult keeping all the parts together and moving them in a forward direction, but I try to balance drive with patience, success with continued learning, and respect for my way with understanding for another.  Live, learn, and love with the intensity of the first flame and the control of the second. I do my best.