The Dragon and A Letter From A Friend


January 28, 2018

Serendipity brought Superhero and I across this treasure. What writer could resist eating here?

For me, it’s more like the story continues (laugh). I managed to finish two scenes I’d been postponing. They are now on paper and I have one more to complete before I move forward to finish chapter four. This past week felt very productive across paths of work and writing. I’m crediting the warmer weather where we were for the week,

the company,


and maybe the inspiration (wink).

Dragons always inspire me. This dragon has a heat shield, guidance navigation, and a parachute. It sounds just like my dragon. Each part is valuable! Click the + on the dragon and see why below.

Each part is valuable, the heat shield is good because she can find herself in some hot messes, the guidance navigation is necessary because no one can know it all, and the parachute…well, when you often leap before you look wings can come in handy.

I hope everyone is doing well. A writing friend recently told me my post was a day brightener. It meant a lot to me because I have often read posts by other writers and felt the same way. I don’t post all the time, but I hope when I do – occasionally – it just feels like a letter from a friend.