Riddle Writer


T h e     R i d d l e     W r i t e r     P a g e


 This copy of The Witch With No Name is very special because it belongs to . . . well I can’t just tell you. However, every Friday from October 14th till November 11, 2016 I will give you a little hint.

Riddle for October 14th: Search through The Drafter you may find a clue, but if too much is forgotten it cannot help you.

Riddle for October 21st: I can’t make it easy, we’ve too far yet to go, but if you read Kim’s Waylaid you may be in the know.

Riddle for October 28th: This book belongs to someone Kim often seems to miss, but if you’re in the Hollows you may not notice this.

Riddle for November 4th: The give away is closer, I hope you have a guess, but if you get it right you may invite a dangerous guest.

Riddle for November 11th: I hope you get the answer, I’ll send the book in haste. So when he shouts “You itchy witch”, I can send him to your place.