The Wedding Toast

June 11-12, 2017 A very close friend of mine recently gave a toast at a wedding. She asked me if I would post the toast in its complete form since she gave […]

The Right Stuff

April 16-17, 2017 I’ve been thinking a lot this week about what it means to have “the right stuff”.  Like every career there are certain pinnacles that, if you achieve […]

Birds And Turtles, Pugs And Poodles

April 9-10, 2017 The best reason to have a white board isn’t the space to plot (with color) arcs for every character or the visualization of a calculation that connects application and theory, but the little messages from […]

Pole Dancing To Ballet---My Kind of Day

April 2-3, 2017 Pole dancer to ballerina—what it takes to be both. There is a core strength in dance that stretches across the spectrum from individual choreographed routines to structured pirouettes […]

Water Must Move

March 28-29, 2017 Water must move or become stagnant. Yet often, it finds the root of a great tree and boulder that draws it in. Circling with the ebb and […]

A Love Letter To Authors

January 8, 2017 As a new crafter of words, writing is still a joy–not a job–even when it is work. I have a day job with deadlines and negotiations that are necessary […]

A New Year - A New Way To Rewrite

December 31, 2016 – January 1, 2017   Nanowrimo manuscript slips in and out of my fingers. I split my time with reading and writing through December. Three excellent recommendations […]

From Our Home To Yours

December 25, 2016   Happy holiday from our home to yours. May you find joy and peace every day.