Got My Boarding Pass To Mars and I’m Thanks Giving


November 22, 2017

A boarding pass for Mars! How cool is that?

So many points of my life are lining up and this is just one of them. I love, love, love the ideas, science, and imagination required to pioneer plans that reach beyond our own planet. So, yep I have a boarding pass for Mars!

Life is crazy busy, but I have to share one highlight. My project-N pathway recently crossed paths with the author of Hidden Figures, Margot Lee Shetterly!  I’ve always said, “you may find one more brilliant, beautiful, and many other things, but you will never find one more curious” than me. So, the intersection of my two worlds climaxed at this event, with perfection, under the theme of “May curiosity triumph over fear“. Thank you Margot Shetterly for your purpose and passion! Don’t hesitate to drop by if you want to chat about time machines (grin).

The scene in the movie with the library is not from the book, but It reminds me of the importance of public libraries. I have a library card for every surrounding county library and have often gotten one if I had to be in an area for at least a week. Now I have my very own library card catalog (not to hold library cards, but index cards used to find books for those too young to ever have used one – haha).  The drawer below is all cleaned up. Superhero and I enjoy auctions and I purchased this library card catalog at a recent one. I am so tickled with it. Each week I clean one of the drawers, then tuck an index card inside with the coming week’s list of goals. I’m calling it a measure of twelve weeks. How do you stay focused?


I frequently indulge my love of things old, but I thought I might balance that with a little touch of the new that I enjoy so much.

Thank you to everyone for the emails, phone calls, teleconferences (laugh), and stop-by-and-see-me additions to my playlist for characters. I’m very pleased with the response and can’t wait to see what comes from it. I wish everyone a very happy and safe Thanksgiving.