How To Play

OBJECTIVE: complete the Sudoku puzzles, keep them in order, and use them to help me find The Operator.

SET UP: Every Friday from July through September I will post a Sudoku puzzle for you to work on the weekend. Starting in October on Monday and Friday I will post the answers for you to check your puzzles. Keep your puzzles in the order I posted them from July—it will be important when November rolls around. You will need them to find The Operator.

Each Friday starting October 14th in addition to the Sudoku puzzle I will give a clue about the hardback, autographed copy of The Witch With No Name with specific directions on how to win it.

PLAYING: Friends can help you, but if you win you have to share the prize:-)

WINNING THE GAME:  The winner will be selected randomly by computer from all participants who successfully find the operator. You will send that information by email so that only those who truly make the effort and find the answer will have a chance to win.

Specific directions on how to win the hardback, autographed copy of The Witch With No Name will be given every Friday starting October 14th, 2016.

PRIZES: A special copy of The Witch With No Name (see details), a copy of The Drafter, a copy of The Operator (hot off the presses), and a packet of Milkweed seeds purchased to support the Monarch butterfly rescue.