Holding Only The Ink Of The Moment


January 7, 2018

Can you guess what it is?

Does this help?

I’m so excited about this amazing gift. Superhero and I just visited with a friend we had been unable to connect with before Christmas. So, I just opened this gift today and I’m all smiles.

I can barely describe the feel of the natural wood nestled in the soft skin between my thumb and index finger as thoughts spill out as quick and uniquely designed words through a handcrafted tip that holds only the ink of the moment.

Last night I read over chapter three and I was pleasantly surprised that I liked most of it. I added three new chapters to the manuscript and foresee chapter one getting an additional spin when I’m finished with the entire manuscript rewrite. Chapter four looms ahead of me and being into the ink of the moment I want to make it a chapter of impact and movement. The present plan is to use the focused work I did for chapter four during nanowrimo to set the stage bringing the new chapters one through three to their conflict defined climax, then yank their threads through the rest of the manuscript with intensity. That sounds easy enough (laugh).

In the meantime, I want to enjoy my own moments and not forget the little things that make each day singular.

Like ink swirled on a page to form words, then sentences, then lines; moments develop into patterns that reflect a lifetime of story. What will your story be when the ink dries?