Evergreens, Techniques, And Long Term Missions


September 17-18, 2017

Old skills and new technique.  I found this little one in the yard this weekend and decided to give it a new home since it had to be moved. It seems like a good time to give a hand to an evergreen with the idea of keeping it small. Its been a week of new, precision, and small—nanometer small—I like that, even though it is more work. I love that the layers of project-N and my writing overlap. Maybe one day my real world will follow my science fiction writing into the future.

Both writing and project-N utilized new techniques this past week and I’m excited about developing them. By developing, I mean giving them lots of practice (laugh). Winter is on its way and I look forward to practice when cooler temperatures push me inside to warm handmade quilts and the crackle of heat.

Right now fall weather turns the temperatures just slightly cooler. It isn’t enough to get me running indoors, but I know it’s coming. I need some new music for my runs. Something that will keep me moving and also keep my brain plotting as I put one foot in front of the other. If you have ideas you want to share, let me know. Think of a character you would love to see in a book and send me their song. I’ll put it in my playlist and see what pops out when it mixes with the mayhem inside.

Until then I’ll focus my madness on Halloween—Bwhahahahaha. I gave Superhero a hand with the Halloween decorations this weekend (grin).

I can’t pass up this week without speaking about Cassini. As a lover of space and all that pioneers for a better future these moments give me an unprecedented sense of hope.

  (Picture credit: NASA)

Scientists across nationalities, and cultures have spent almost two decades working together to care for Cassini. This week with Cassini’s final approach to Saturn I took the time to reflect on my own work. No matter what you do, you are part of something bigger when you look up and recognize humanity is reaching farther every day.