Writing Is An Art

February 10, 2018 I’ve recently made a new writing friend which reminds me of the beautiful gift that is. Like a pillow on a bike, it doesn’t make the task […]

The Dragon and A Letter From A Friend

January 28, 2018 Serendipity brought Superhero and I across this treasure. What writer could resist eating here? For me, it’s more like the story continues (laugh). I managed to finish two […]

That Time Of Year

December 24-25, 2017 Well, it’s that time of year. What does that time of year have to do with crowns and swords? Nothing, unless you are planning a game for […]

Using My Time Wisely While I Wait

August 29, 2017 Hurry up and wait. That’s a saying we’ve all heard more than once probably, but it’s true for me now. I have several projects going so I […]